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Analytical Services

We analyze a wide variety of products

Raw materials :
Nutraceutical, Vitamins, excipients, powder, solid, semi solid or liquid.

Packaging components:
Bottles, caps, boxes, labels, tubes, aluminum foil or plastic etc.

Finished products :
Tablets, Capsules, Pouches, Suspensions, Creams, Lotions, Gels, Pastes, Shampoos and much more

We Perform the following analyzes according USP, Ph.Eur, FCC etc.

  • Amino acids Identification and determination
  • Dissolution 
  • Disintegration
  • Heavy Metals Analysis
  • Minerals Identifications and assay
  • Pesticides Identifications and analysis
  • Protein assay
  • Residual solvents Identification and analysis
  • Tapped density
  • Total organic carbon (TOC)
  • Vitamins Identifications and assay

We use the following techniques

Research and developments

Our expertise in qualification. development and validation of analytical methods such as stability indicating methods according to ICH standards and other intrenationaly recognized methods are just a small part of the services Technikad offers.


]èprouvettes-3You can be confident with our capable and comprehensive management of your products accelerated, initial and real time stability studies according to pre-approved protocols based on ICH or FDA or EU guidelines. Your samples are monitored and stored in qualified stability rooms for accelerated or long-term stability studies performing analysis at each required station, investigating any out of specification result  and   producing the final complete stability study report.



Cleaning validationtBouteille-bleu

Technikad handles analysis and validation of the cleaning processes on different equipment surfaces and ensures the complete removal of contaminants by determining the limits permitted in the worst case